The Mission of the DCACDL Listed below is the mission of the D.C. Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (DCACDL), an organization formed by criminal defense lawyers in the District of Columbia. 

  • To be a unified voice for our members in the criminal defense community in Washington D.C.
  • To promote continuing legal education to improve the skills and knowledge of lawyers engaged in defending criminal cases.
  • To promote excellence in the practice of criminal law.
  • To ensure the integrity and independence of the criminal defense lawyer.
  • To improve the judicial system and to urge the selection and appointment to the bench of well-qualified and experienced lawyers.
  • To improve the correctional system and to seek more effective rehabilitation opportunities for those individuals convicted of crimes.
  • To promote the protection of the rights of individuals.
  • To provide a forum for criminal defense attorneys to work together to improve the criminal justice system at the judicial, legislative and executive levels.
  • To promote constant improvement in all aspects of the administration of criminal justice.

This site is designed as both an open forum and an online service for members of the DCACDL. 

You are welcome to explore this site and e-mail comments to the Officers and the Board.

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